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7 Ways To Move More At Home

Photo: Getty Images

It’s becoming easier to insert exercise into our daily routines, but if you’re looking to sit less and increase your daily movement, try one of the below tips, every day, until you incorporate them all into your lifestyle.

Take the stairs – This seems obvious, but it’s certainly safer than an elevator right now. Live in a house? Try taking two steps at a time or running up them. Just make sure no one is coming down.

Shake up your routine – Let’s be honest, routines give us a sense of security, but it’s easy to get set in your ways. Try going on a brisk walk before dinner or writing in your journal in the morning instead of before bed. You are more likely to boost your mood when you change things up.

Disconnect – Spend time away from your electronic devices (computers, TVs, phones). Get outside! Play a game of tag, practice a sport with your kids, or meditate. Be present and enjoy the moment.

Keep exercise equipment in plain sight – Ever hear the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind?” It’s true. So keep that yoga mat and set of weights in the living room out. This will remind you to make time for those online classes.

Play music while cleaning – Recent studies show listening to music while performing household chores can actually help to make the tasks more enjoyable. The average person can burn up to 100 calories (every 30 minutes) cleaning their home. Som, just imagine how many could be burned if you danced while picking up.

Stand up while working – If you haven’t invested in a stand-up desk or workspace, now is the time. Try to alternate sitting and standing throughout your day. Sit while working, but take your Zoom calls standing up. Doing so will increase circulation and help you focus.

Cook together – Plan a meal where everyone in your home can help. Give each guest or family member a task like chopping, whisking, or mixing. It will keep everyone off the couch until you all sit down to enjoy the beautiful meal you’ve just created.